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Hey there.  I am Miykael Parrish, The Hair Coach Guru.  Welcome to my blog.

How many times a week do you ask, “What’s Up With My Hair”?  Well, this blog is about helping you to rediscover the meaning of your beautiful hair, every day.  Not just on special occasions, but every day.

I teach you how to create professional hairstyles that you can alter every day to give the appearance of an entirely new look, every day.  If you are holding down a professional job where you are in the center of things all day, you know how important it is to have beautiful healthy hair.

Did you know that the average woman wares the same hairstyle year after year for three or more years?  My clients and students tell me that this gets pretty boring when they think about.  Like you, they are looking for simple styles that only take a few hair strokes to create an entirely different look every day.  Until my first eBook, “5-Days to Tame Your Hair, Forever”, most of your women friends did not have the creative insight or patience for daily hairstyle changes.

Many stylists specialize in celebrity hairstyles because this is where the money is.  However, most of my clients tell me that they are more interested in everyday hair care and professional-looking styles than being a celebrity look alike.

Their concerns make a lot of sense.  Think about this:  the average woman spends a hour every morning working on her hair and another 45 minutes throughout the day fixing what she created that morning.  Sounds familiar?

As a hair stylist for 20 years with my own line of Miykael Parrish hair care products, I have created a hair styling system that eliminates hair boredom and gets you noticed every time you walk into a room.  My technique enables you to build upon a foundation style and alter it for maximum presence.

In my blog and in my 5-Day style guides and videos, I show you step-by-step and stroke-by-stroke how to create a professional looking hair style on Monday, alter it each subsequent day of the week, and create buzz in your office as people start to wonder if you have a hair stylist visit you each morning.  I am taking about eye-catching hairstyles for professional women that are easy to style and last all day!


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